The Cloud Managed DAB Multiplexing and Encoding Company


Cloud Encoders - Encoding in a datacentre dedicated to only radio services, providing reliability and reducing risk of downtime.

DAB & DAB + Encoding - Sound quality at the forefront of the encoding, with custom compression and processing.

Slideshow (SLS) - Static and images controlled by the service provider available.

Radiotext / DLS - Static or dynamic text is available.


Encoders - The encoder for each service is monitored to ensure it is available.

Network - Connectivity from the multiplexer to the transmitter is monitored, providing alerting for any issues.

Multiplexer - Extensive monitoring of the multiplex from the cloud, to ensure it is sending the required output.


Ticketing System - All requests tracked and managed through the internal ticketing system

SLA's - Support and management backed by a clear SLA's between The DAB Mux and the multiplex owner.

Fully Managed - All the technical lifting and management undertaken on the multiplex owners behalf.


Invoicing - Separate module to manage multiplex invoices.

Payments - Integrated with PayPal, Stripe, GoCardless and many more to receive payment.

Isolated - In an isolated container where only the multiplex operator has access to the data to comply with Data Protection Act (UK) and GDPR (Europe).

User Portal- The customers can access and view their own invoices and payments at anytime.
"We provide multiplex operators a hassle free approach to running their multiplexes and a reliable service to the communities they serve. We provide a fixed price approach, so multiplex operators understand their monthly costs, without any shocks."

What some of our clients are saying

“Collaborating with the The DAB Mux team and pioneering the use of the Mux solution has been a rewarding experience. All aspects of the project proceeded seamlessly, demonstrating resilience, reliability, and impressive output for our region.”

Paull Willett, Director of Stockport Community SSDAB

“Since implementing The DAB Mux, it has worked absolutely flawlessly. Being in a rural area and operating a 4 site SFN, the alerts from the system have been vital to me, highlighting any issues immediately. “

Craig Pattison, Director of High Peak One Digital

“The team at The DAB Mux walked us through every step of the process. While we are experienced FM broadcasters, DAB Multiplexing was entirely new to us and The DAB Mux made it so easy. They keep it simple & affordable but their knowledge & support was invaluable in our new venture.”

Sean Og Mac Braoin, Project Leader, Lagan SSDAB (Greater Belfast)

“The DAB Mux takes away all the headache and overhead in operating the multiplex. We simply provide the information via the support system in relation to updates, and its taken care of. “

Ryan Davies, Director of Wrexham DAB

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